Why Wrapping Your Car Is a Better Option Than a Paint-Job

Why wrap?

Wrapping a car is preferred to be a better option than painting these days. There are many reasons to it. Let’s have a look at some of the reasons to wrap your car instead of painting it-

1. Cost – We all know there are different kinds of paints available in the market. And one can opt for what they like. There are paints that are friendly to the pocket but at the same time if you prefer quality over price, low cost paints may look cheap to you and would not give the finish and look you require and demand for. However, if you opt for a car wrap over painting, you can get a better quality at the same price or even cheaper than that. And then you can remove the wrap as per your desires but you will have to repaint if you go with painting.

2. Intact resale value – If you paint your car, the original paint is gone, and it results in the reduction of the resale value of your vehicle. But when opt for the car wrap; you get the different look without hampering the original paint of the car. Thus it keeps the resale value of the car intact.

3. Different look – It is highly possible that when you purchased your car you wanted a different colour, but you could not get what you desired. These vinyl wraps are just the right thing for your fantasies. Wrap your car with the colour you always wanted transforming it into something new and different that will make you stand out from others.

4. Time involved – When you go for repainting your vehicle, you will have to manage without it for at least 2 weeks but in case of a car wrap, you get your transformed car in about 2 days. So the time involved in the transformation is less.

5. No Maintenance- Car wraps look like new with a wash. You just need to use a car detergent and some water and you get the same brand new look again. It’s that easy!

6. Last long – The normal wraps life is about 5 – 8 years without affecting the original paint of the car. If you can keep it away from direct sunlight you can increase the life, so it’s all in your hands.

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