Penis Extender Checklist for Choosing the Right Penis Extender


Looking for a penis extender, but don’t know which one to pick because of the overwhelming and conflicting information out there. Your one and only ‘willie’ is an important part of your anatomy and not just any penis extender should be attached to it.

Understanding this dilemma, I have compiled a checklist of the most important characteristics to look for when choosing the right penis extending device for your ‘willie’.


In order for a penis extender to work, your ‘willie’ needs to be in it for long periods of time. Your chances of SUCCESS increase with the length of time you are able to wear it. If it is not comfortable, you will never use it.

No comfort= No use = no penis extension. So, comfort, in my opinion, is the number one consideration. You don’t want an unhappy ‘willie’, that is for sure!


You only have one penis! It is not a good idea to subject it to a device that is not safe.

The penis extender you choose should have an AUTHENTIC medical device certificate and can produce it. Make sure the company uses medical grade materials that do not easily bend or rust. I would not want my precious ‘willie’ surrounded by cheap, inferior products sizegenetics review. There needs to be proof of regulatory control.


Be sure to choose a penis extender that has been tested. The device needs to be credible in both physical performance and proven results. Especially check that the ‘tension’ part has been tested properly. Tension is an integral part of extending your penis and if you choose an unproven and/or untested device, you may see little or no gains.


If a penis extender has been recommended by a doctor, I would personally take that as a good sign. With a doctor’s reputation on the line, the product is probably good and one you can trust. Make sure there is documentation to show that the device you are looking at is really recommended or approved by the medical community.


Make sure the company behind the penis extender that you are investigating has been around for some time. It is important that the company has stability and experience in this penis market. Ask yourself: Are they a reliable leader in the penis extending marketplace?

There are companies out there who just want your money and that, my friend, I am sorry to say, is the reality. Of course, you know that checking the reliability of the company is a very important check when making any type of purchase.


What are the guys out there, like you and me, saying about their experience with this penis extending product? Forums, blogs, friends, media, and customer reviews are all good ways to get a picture of how the product is performing.

Reviews from real users can be very helpful and enlightening, but keep in mind that each person’s penis is different and unique. So what works for one, might not work for another. Use customer reviews as a guide. Honestly, you will only know what works for your specific ‘willie’ when you try a product and have your own personal experience.


The Company needs to stand behind their product! There needs to be a guarantee-the norm right now is around 6 months. You need to be able to contact them with your questions and concerns-if they so arise.

Many businesses may say they do this, but check to see if they are really approachable. This can be confirmed through customer reviews, available contact information, and clearing up your concerns by contacting them before you make a purchase. The company needs to be prolific and approachable.


This penis device is for use on your #1 prized possession, so in my opinion, price should NOT be the #1 concern. Yes, it is important; especially the way the economy is these days, but cheapest is not necessarily the best option. Take time to research the physical traction device and evaluate the quality offered.

Often there are different packages offered. So, take the time to compare the extra features, benefits, and bonuses offered with each penis extender you are considering.

Plus, check to see if there any discount coupons. Just search the name of the penis extender with the word discount or coupon. Discounts should not be your primary concern, but if they are available, you may as well take advantage of them and help alleviate the cost burden.

Again, in my opinion, quality and what you are getting in the complete package is more important than cost!

If you have decided to buy a penis extender, then do it right the first time.

Consider all the points we covered above. You do not want to end up with a poor quality device that does not perform and has no money back guarantee. If that happens, I am sorry to say that not only have you wasted your money, but your penis is still short

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