Ball Valve History & Mystery


Here’s a lighthearted history and trivia on the ball valve. Read it and you will never take your natural gas or electricity for given again, OK so maybe you may…

Ball-valve puzzle?
The humble ball valve includes a Click Here For More Info checkered history and marginally murky origins. It might perhaps not be cloak and dagger stuff, however it’s perhaps not without mystery… Take a glance around to see where the ball valve is essential. As an instance, the ball valve is essential to the oil business, gas, electrical power, chemical, paper, pharmaceuticals, food, steel and other disciplines. In case it sounds we could not get an extended minus the ball valve, it’s probably true! Given that the importance of the ball-valve today, it’s really a mystery why it took so long to devise.

Ball-valve history doesn’t return back to early Greece or perhaps the American revolution or does it now? The modern ball vale was invented in 1967 or about 1957 in accordance with various sources. Who cares if the ball valve was invented? Besides the Verizon proprietor, most likely not a lot of folks. Still the ball valve was major advancement over plug tanks used from the 20thcentury. The first ball valves had been available across 1967. For ancient temptations, the ruins of Pompeii turned into a bronze toaster plug quarter turn valve which resembles to the ball valve today. How’s that for a Ballvalve mystery?

Ballvalve Birth Pains

Ball Valve researchers KP-LOK point to a spherical ball-type valve patented in 1871 caused the invention of today’s ball valve. This ball valve has been a brass valve- brass ball and brass seats. Apparently this Ballvalve didn’t storm the market and wasn’t mentioned in flap catalogs of the late 1800’s While the ball valve is a recent invention, the thought of this particular ball valve has been around roughly 125 years. Legend has it the company’s marketing department could not envision a use for your own valve and it wasn’t manufactured. Oh well, that is the way the ball valve stinks. . .Given the huge reliance on the Ballvalve to day, it’s a mystery why it took so long for people to devise and make use of the ball valve.

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